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Best Used Nissan Xterra Models Along With the Absolute Worst

The Nissan Xterra is a solid SUV. However, some models are better than others. In addition, some are best avoided. The post Best Used Nissan Xterra Models Along With the Absolute Worst appeared first on MotorBiscuit.

Only 1 Toyota Model Has Annual Maintenance Costs Over $800

Toyota's are known for their reliability. However, for any car to reach its full potential, maintenance is necessary. What Toyota model has an $800 annual maintenance? The post Only 1 Toyota Model Has Annual Maintenance Costs Over $800 appeared first on MotorBiscuit.

The New Aston Martin F1 Car Might Actually Be Fast

Preseason testing isn't a great indicator of a car's actual pace, but it appears Aston's speed in testing wasn't a fluke.

The 2024 Kia EV9 SUV Attacks The Tesla Model X With 336-Mile Range

The Kia EV9 recently broke cover, and it's not just a great looking electric SUVs, it is also coming after the Tesla Model X with its 300+ mile range.

Lamborghini Details the Aventador Successor's New 6.5-Liter Hybrid V-12

The 1001-hp unit is slated to power the Aventador successor arriving later this year.

10 Most Reliable Used German SUVs Worth Buying

German SUVs are some of the most reliable cars on the market, both new and old.

The 2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport Chases the Adventure Crowd

The new trail-focused model is Honda's most serious off-roading effort to date.

The 15 Cars Most Likely to Last 200,000 Miles

These cars, SUVs and trucks definitely are built to last.

Jeep Wrangler Recalled Over Extra Frame Stud

Jeep has issued a recall encompassing roughly 58,000 examples of the 2020-2023 Wrangler. Problem vehicles described in the relevant NHTSA documents were reportedly constructed with a frame stud that's allegedly superfluous and that can cause fires in the event of a crash. It’s kind of a weird recall campaign, as they typically don’t involve a vehicle having too many parts but rather totally absent or poorly implemented ones.

The best cars never sold in America

Join us as we explore the best cars America missed out on

Watch Skoda's History Of Car Starters From Hand Cranks To Hands-Free

Car starting once involved multiple steps and was a dangerous art.

Crazy concept cars of the jet age

Join us for a look at when concept cars almost literally went to the stars

The $158,000 Blown-Engine Acura NSX TikTok Dealer Dilemma

Should Acura cover the warranty claim for this NSX?

Broncos President Teases Potential New Helmet Designs Coming in 2023

What would a new Denver Broncos helmet design look like?

Great cars let down by their engines

It doesn't matter how great the rest of the car is, if the engine is a dud, the car will always be a lemon…

Audi Says the RS4 Wagon 'Is Not Coming' to America

We can all dream.

2023 Mazda CX-5 Has 1 Giant Advantage Over Honda CR-V

The excellent driving dynamics of the 2023 Mazda CX-5 are a key element in the compact SUV’s favor when comparing it to the 2023 Honda CR-V. The post 2023 Mazda CX-5 Has 1 Giant Advantage Over Honda CR-V appeared first on MotorBiscuit.

Bugatti and Master & Dynamic Unveil a Hypercar-Inspired Headphones Collection

Each pair comes in a colorway that pay tribute to the Chiron.

Only One 2023 Ferrari F8 Tributo Coupe Was Imported To North America

It's the last in a long line of last gas-powered mid-engine V8 Ferrari coupes.

2023 Corvette Z06 Pops Engine After Only 52 Miles, Owner Documents Saga on Video

The car's LT6 V-8 began to rattle and smoke after losing power on the highway.

Top 15 Cheap Cars That Are Really Fast

From sleek coupes to sleeper sedans, here are 15 properly fast cars that prove that you don't need to spend big to go fast

The most innovative cars America has ever made

Radical designs, unprecedented technology, huge engines. Here are the biggest trailblazers we know


The 2023 Easter Jeep Safari starts next week, which means a new slew of concept vehicles crafted by Jeep and Jeep Performance Parts is here. Each concept vehicle will be driven off-road during the 57th annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. But before the event begins, the cars have been debuted, giving fans something to look forward to if they p...

34 times Japanese auto makers got it right

The Top 5 Most Expensive Cars In Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Collection

The charismatic A-lister rakes in more than $20 million for each of his films and has an incredible collection of automobiles.

Ferrari Roma V12 Spy Video Captures Sights And Sounds Of New Supercar

There's no mistaking the sound from the pipes of this test mule, but is it a hybrid powertrain?

A Pickup Hummer, and Other Outrageous Pickup Trucks You Didn’t Know Existed

A pickup truck's job is simple, but that's never stopped anyone from turning these basic workhorses into wild machines.

Ford Mustang Mach-E is Finally Coming to Australia

It took a long wait but Ford is finally jumping on the electric vehicle bandwagon in Australia with a confirmed launch of its Mustang Mach-E electric SUV by the end of this year. The Mach-E arrives in Australia three years after its US launch and Australia and we’ll get three variants of the electric SUV […]

Jeep Carjacked At Knifepoint, Crashed Into School Bus

Looks like it’s time to start banning assault knives…

Tesla Under Investigation by NHTSA After Model Y Steering Wheels Fall Off

NHTSA is aware of two separate incidents in 2023 where the wheel detached from the column.

4 Legendary 1960s Racecars You Can Buy As A Kit Today

While these high-quality kits certainly aren't inexpensive, they're still a relative bargain compared to the real deal: pricey vintage race cars.

2024 Volvo EX90 - Photos From Every Angle

See every detail of the new all-electric Volvo SUV with our comprehensive gallery.

2024 Lamborghini Revuelto Hybrid Numbers Explained In Details

Lamborghni's Revuelto is the Aventador's successor, and it features V12-hybrid power, over 1,000hp combined making it an insane supercar.

Porsche gears up for an in-car video streaming boom with UK firm’s help

The German car company Porsche has turned to a British firm to allow passengers to stream film and TV on built-in screens, in a sign of the increasing focus by carmakers on providing content on the move. A new in-car video streaming function will allow Porsche owners in 56 countries to access their subscriptions with the likes of Disney+ and Amazon Prime, as well as live TV, via a platform run by ScreenHits TV. The carmaker said its new Cayenne...

Alpine A110 Metamorphosis Art Car Shows Model's Transformation

It's a creation by Belgian artist Arne Quinze.

See BMW 760Li Look At Home Blasting Down Autobahn At Top Speed

The twin-turbo V12 makes 544 horsepower.

Kia EV6 GT Drag Races Tesla Model 3 Performance, It's Really Close

The Korean performance EV may be some 700 pounds heavier than its US rival, but it doesn't really show it in this face-off.

The Simple Reason Why Bob Marley Drove BMWs

By the mid-Seventies, Bob Marley could have afforded any car on earth. He chose a BMW 1602.

57,000 Jeep Wranglers recalled over "unnecessary" part that could cause fuel leak, fire

Some Jeep Wranglers were built with an an extra frame stud that can puncture the fuel tank, according to an NHTSA recall report.

23 of the Most Popular Crossovers under $30,000

If you're craving a crossover and are on a budget, here is the place to start.

Watch Toyota 4Runner Driver Conquer Moab In The Rain Like A Boss

Ironically, the rock crawling adventure took place at Slickrock when the rocks were actually slick.

Lamborghini Urus Replacement Confirmed for 2029, Will Be Fully Electric

Lamborghini plans to hybridize the current Urus lineup by 2024.

Junkyard Gems of Ulibarri’s Auto Towing Service in Las Vegas, New Mexico

Just because this isn't the famous Las Vegas, don't be mislead into thinking that this town has nothing to show. Join us for a tour within Ulibarri's auto service where interesting cars are left to perish

Porsche's New Track Borrows from Daytona, Laguna Seca, and the Nürburgring

A new handling circuit at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta is joined by a skidpad, an autocross course, and a slippery 'ice hill' that simulates wintry conditions.

The 3 Best-Selling Mainstream EVs Last Year

EVs are becoming more popular as manufacturers are starting to push out more options. Here are the 3 best-selling mainstream EVs from last year. The post The 3 Best-Selling Mainstream EVs Last Year appeared first on MotorBiscuit.

Famously disastrous cars that were in fact pretty successful

The true story behind many famous automotive disasters needs to be told

The 2023 Honda Accord Gets a Clever Hybrid Powertrain

Honda ditches its 2.0-liter turbo in favor of a hybrid system with two electric motors.

Self-Driving Cars Aren’t Safe for Anyone—And May Never Be

Autonomous vehicles were supposed to make our streets less dangerous. That’s just not happening.

The cheapest electric Ford F-150 now costs $20,000 more than it did a year ago

The F-150 Lightning now costs an entire Hyundai Venue more than it did a year ago thanks to four price hikes since August.

Only 2 Honda Models Make the List of Most Problematic Vehicles According To Real Owner Complaints

The 2003 Honda Accord and 2001 Honda Civic made a list of the most problematic cars and trucks, per owners' complaints. The post Only 2 Honda Models Make the List of Most Problematic Vehicles According To Real Owner Complaints appeared first on MotorBiscuit.